Owl Types

Lowest Payout


  • A SourceOwls Recruiter that has between a 1-29% submission to approval ratio.
  • Be careful if you fall into this category, accounts go into review under a 20% approval rate.
  • Quality submissions are so important to our clients and your success in the platform.
Starting Point

Elf Owl

  • A SourceOwls recruiter that has between a 30-49% submission to approval ratio.
  • This is your starting point when you sign-up and for your first 5 candidate submissions.
  • On the sixth submission, our algorithm will begin to calculate your
    candidate approval ratios.
  • Your payouts may increase or decrease, based on your candidate rating by our clients.
Maximum Payout

True Owl

  • A SourceOwls Recruiter with a 50% or higher candidate acceptance ratio.
  • This is our Elite team. You become a True Owl, simply by submitting great candidates.
  • True Owls also have higher acceptance rates and receive the maximum payout.